1. When I get a new text on my phone..


    • And it’s from the person I like, I go:

    • And if it’s from the person that’s hella annoying:

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  2. Rappin again :)

    Lookin at these bitches like some bad pink lemonade , i get money by da hour. better yet ,its minute made.and every friday night like a porno , you know im gettin laid . i been doin this , you cant never tell me i aint been gettin paid. yoo , he a panty dropa, like triggy say , Thats ma boo, i luv em  . i tell em tht ..everyday. yo this shit crazy i know  my money need too calm down . But ya shit need some perks , its actin real lazy , Drivein these niggas wild , like my name was miss daisy . but im just me . my attitude is like , fuck you pay mee .